Gary Hall properties selling at auction to pay debt

JOPLIN, Mo. – According to attorney Tom Harrison, who works for the firm handling the auction, the auction of the Gary Hall properties has been moved to next Thursday at 2:00pm.

On February 28th, 2012, Security Bank of Tulsa placed a lien against several properties owned by Gary Hall in Jasper County. The majority of the property up for auction involves or surrounds his home at 5964 West 7th street in Joplin.

According to documents in the Jasper County Recorder’s Office, the auction is to help recover debts totaling approximately $5.6 million. That’s from a debt originally owed to Security Bank of Tulsa. The bank however, transferred the lien to Quapaw Investments of Tulsa.

Hall passed away on June 29th. During his time, he operated the Hall’s Convenience stores in the Joplin area, but ran into some trouble with the law regarding cigarette tax stamps. In 2006, the Federal Government got involved after a traffic stop in which $200,000 worth of cigarettes were found without the necessary tax stamps. Hall was charged with 43 counts including wire fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion in 2008. However, those charges were thrown out by a federal judge in 2010.

Hall was also a well known philanthropist giving a substantial amount to the Joplin Humane Society, which honors him and his wife with the ‘Gary and Donna Hall Campus’ as well as Freeman Hospital, which until recently, featured Gary and his wife’s name on the tower.

Freeman officials tell us the change to the current standard Freeman logo came after a repaint of the tower, and their desire for a more consistent branding. Freeman tells us Gary and Donna Hall’s names are still in place inside the hospital itself.

The auction is set to take place tomorrow from 9:00am to 2:00pm on the courthouse steps in Carthage.