G.A.R Cemetery and City of Miami hold annual British Flyers Remembrance Ceremony

For guest speaker, David Tennant, this event takes on a deeper, more personal meaning.

MIAMI, Okla. – The ‘British Flyers Remembrance Ceremony’ is a tradition in Miami, Oklahoma to honor the Royal Air Force Cadets that died while training at the Number 3 British Flying training school during World War II.

“It means a lot to us to do this every year because these cadets don’t have anybody over here in the states and we feel like it’s an honor for us to represent them and honor them and keep their legacies alive” said G.A.R Cemetery office manager, Nancy Bro.

It’s a ceremony that holds great importance for those who work at the G.A.R Cemetery.

“I can’t tell you, I can only find very few words that can actually truly express how honored I am to be able to do this every year” added Nancy.

For guest speaker, David Tennant, this event takes on a deeper, more personal meaning.

“My father was one of the Air Cadets that came over in 1944 to learn to fly. He got his pilot wings before he got his driver’s license, he was age 20 at the time, so he spent 6 or 7 months here in the Miami area and really grew to love the people here and the town itself.”

His father, Vincent Tennant, passed away recently at the age of 95.

“I kind of have been raised with the history of the RAF and how World War II came about and of course these fellas that are buried here are so young, 17 I think, is the youngest and they were mostly 20 which is my father’s age when he was here. So, it’s kind of got a bittersweet connection.”

His picture was displayed on the front cover of the ceremony’s program.

“I think its magnificent that the residents of this area still remember these guys.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, masks and social distancing were encouraged at the ceremony.

The G.A.R cemetery staff opted against a reception following the ceremony this year to maintain the safety of those in attendance.