Future teachers meet with more than 100 school districts at PSU event

Some students studying to become teachers make some important connections at Pittsburg State on Thursday.

About 450 interviews were lined up for PSU students who will finish their student teaching sessions soon.

A little more than 100 school districts from across the Four State region were available to interview these college students.

Organizers of this event and students say this one-on-one interaction often times make a big difference.

“There are several districts here that I’ve already applied for on their websites so it was nice to meet with them face-to-face,” says PSU student Lydia Rohner.

PSU Director of Career Services Mindy Cloninger says this event also can be good for less well-known school districts to put their name out in the open.

“Obviously for students to travel and interact with those superintendents or those school principals, it would be very, very challenging,” says Cloninger.