Funeral held for Adriaunna Horton

Family and friends gathered to mourn the loss of 12-year-old Adriaunna Horton on Wednesday August 28, 2013. The Golden City, Missouri girl was abducted and killed last week.

The ceremony was in the Golden City School Gymnasium. From there, a motorcycle escort led the procession to the cemetery. Adriaunna’s uncle led a rider-less horse and the casket was carried in a horse-drawn carriage.

Various family members followed on foot wearing pink, Adriaunna’s favorite color.

“People need to come together when you’re a community,” says Roger Horton, a cousin. “This little town, this shouldn’t happen, this shouldn’t happen at all. And that’s what we’re here to show our support.”

“It’s important for us to let them know that even though we may be strangers that we still care, that we still love them, that we’re going to pray for them, and that they’re not alone in this,” says Jeff Goddard of Joplin Covenant Motor Ministries.

Mourners later gathered at the city park to celebrate Adriaunna’s life.