FULL INTERVIEW: Local friend to Loretta Lynn reacts to her passing

GROVE, Okla. – Jana Jae, a local musician and permanent fixture on the former American television show Hee-Haw today spoke with KOAM about the passing of her long-time friend Loretta Lynn.

Though they lived in separate states, Loretta Lynn and Jana Jae shared a long history of friendship.

Jana told stories of their early days while working together. In the interview, Jae credits Loretta for greatly impacting her career and connecting her with Country Music Hall of Fame member Buck Owens.

>Loretta Lynn, coal miner’s daughter and country queen, dies

It was Buck who wanted Jana to play the iconic blue electric guitar, but Jana says Loretta gave her the confidence to embrace the somewhat unorthodox instrument.

“Buck wanted to play that violin on Hee-Haw,” said Jae. “I was such a purist… I thought oh my gosh that will ruin me entirely. I was later talking to Loretta about it because she had worked with Buck and done shows with him and she said ‘darling you just do it Buck’s way and you will be okay'”.

Without the boost of confidence, there’s no telling if the blue violin would have ended up as Jana’s trademark.

Jana shared that Loretta paved the way to success for women in the country music industry.

“I just think she was a trailblazer in country music but also for women in country music,” Jae said. “She broke lots of glass ceilings and paved the way for musicians who came a little bit later. She was a treasure, she was a wonderful person and so down to earth. She was a good friend to so many people and a wonderfully talented woman. She will be greatly missed.”

Watch the full interview for more from Jae.

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