Full Bore Studios adds augmented reality to annual ‘Economic Growth’ tour in Joplin

Tour held by Area Chamber of Commerce

55 community leaders got on a bus to visit more than 10 current and upcoming businesses in the area. It was through the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual ‘Economic Growth’ tour.

“So we’re focused on growing our 20-30 somethings, bringing them back home, we’re talking about livability, we’re talking about cultural enterprises, and we’re celebrating a lot of new business that are about to unfold in our region and in our town” said Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, President, Toby Teeter.

The tour consisted of getting to know local shops, like the Bearded Lady Roasters and The Frosted Cakerie, to the US Bank. It then went on to new ventures like the Main Street Axe company, Chaos microbrewery, a Creekside plaza, and a virtual reality arcade through the company, Full Bore Studios.

Full Bore Studios specializes in a variety of things, like production, hardware and marketing. But it also includes video game development, and virtual reality content. Their new location at 512 Virginia Avenue is in development, and will enhance what they can offer.

“It just made sense to transform an iconic building like this in downtown that’s just an empty warehouse, into something usable and the Virtual Reality Arcade was a no brainer, because it’s a way for us to share what we’re already working on with the broader community and get them excited about technology” said Owner of Full Bore Studios, Ben McNelly.

The arcade itself will have a focus on PC gaming, virtual and augmented reality.

“If it’s new and emerging and has to do with you putting on a headset or glasses and you’re in another place, that’s what we’re working on” said McNelly.

Full Bore Studios also put their own twist to the tour by adding their newly released ‘Spekc’ app into the mix.

“This tour is being enhanced by augmented reality, meaning we’re actually going to use technology to show what will be in the future” added Teeter. Showing the community leaders, the augmented reality additives to the tour was something he was most excited about.

The app allowed those in attendance to virtually see the Cornell Arts Complex and the KCU Dental School standing in the place that they will be in, in 2022. This twist really gave those in attendance, a real first-hand look at the future of Joplin.

Full Bore Studios adds augmented reality to annual ‘Economic Growth’ tour in Joplin

“We’re talking about a new vision, about a new brand, what is Joplin, and we’re talking about a community that’s growing” added Teeter.

Some projects on this tour are still in development, while others like Full Bore Studios will be opening to the public within a few months or the beginning of next year.


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