Frontenac’s Compton, Lapping sign to continue wrestling careers at NEO

Dawson Lapping and Justice Compton will stay teammates at the college level.

FRONTENAC, Kan. – Frontenac High School seniors Dawson Lapping and Justice Compton will stay teammates after high school.

“We’ve been practice partners since we were 9 years old,” Lapping says, “We’ve gotten really close through the years being in the wrestling room. It’s just going to make the whole experience better and more fun being together.”

“I would turn down a Division I scholarship to wrestle with him again,” Compton says of staying teammates with Lapping, “We’ve been wrestling together since we were 5 years old. We’ve just created a great bond and it means a lot to go together.”

Lapping and Compton signed on Monday afternoon to continue their wrestling careers at NEO – under head coach Joe Renfro.

“Renfro has sent a lot of wrestlers to the next level,” Compton says of his new head coach, “He definitely wants to get the job done. He’ll have us working hard and he’s done a great job there.”

“He’s an intimidating guy and he’s pretty intense,” Lapping adds of Renfro, “When we went on the visit, he was straight with us. He told us it was going to be a lot of hard work. He wasn’t BS’ing us at all. He told us what it was going to be, and we really liked that about him. He’s a winner. They have a great program and it’s close to home – so that’s just an extra plus of going to NEO.”

Both Lapping and Compton finished their high school careers with more than 100 wins.

Lapping finished his Frontenac wrestling career with 132 wins. He is a 2X regional champion, a 4X state qualifier and a 3X state placer.

Compton won 106 career matches at Frontenac. He earned a regional championship this season, and is a 3X state qualifier and 2X state placer.

They will both join an NEO program that has national championship expectations every season – winning three national titles in the last decade (2014, 2016, 2018).

“Wrestling at Frontenac, we’re used to winning. We’re going there with the winning mindset,” Lapping says, “They win. They win a lot. With coach Renfro and that coaching staff, they expect to win and they expect us to work hard. That’s what you want in a coach and what you want in a team.”

“I want to get better and try to make the starting team. I want to be an All-American and compete for a national championship,” Lapping adds, “It’s a place where you can be set up to go on to a higher level.”

“I feel like I can live up to their goals and their achievements,” Compton says, “I feel like I’ll fit right in there, because I have the same goals. I’m hoping to win a national championship and be an All-American.”