Frontenac council fills vacant positions after several people are fired

The shakeup in Frontenac city leadership continues after the city council votes to fill several vacant positions.

Last week, council members voted to fire the City Administrator, City Clerk and City Attorney.

In disagreement, the then Mayor Linda Grilz resigned. She shared a copy of her official resignation with KOAM:

“Your actions at the Monday, September 16th council meeting by terminating attorney Tim Fielder, administrator Brad Reams and city clerk Terri Kutz was outrageous! With the exception of Councilwoman Grant and Councilman Coleman your actions were emotional, self-serving and I believe detrimental to the long-term existence of this town. Might I remind you the three employees you terminated were executing the personnel policies and ordinances that you — the governing body approved.

You have no idea the harm you have done but you’ve shown me your true colors. I cannot work with a council where the majority pick and choose which rules they will follow. I believe and always have that rules are made for EVERYONE to be accountable. The citizens of Frontenac deserve city government that doesn’t cater to a few but protect all its residents equally.

Therefore, I hereby submit my resignation as Mayor of the City of Frontenac effective upon receipt.”

The council approved her resignation and voted on several appointments in an open session at last night’s meeting.

Members voted to move Councilman John Macary into the position of Interim City Mayor.

Tom Sighel replaces Macary on the Council for Ward 3. Sighel was the only one on the November ballet for that position and will most likely continue on.

The Council appointed John Zafuta as the Interim City Administrator and Steve Angermayer as the new City Attorney. Both are 90 day interim positions.

Zafuta’s appointment was unanimously approved. Everyone except councilman Marc McCully voted yes in Angermayer’s appointment.

Members appointed Council person Pat Clinton as the new Council President to replace Macary. Clinton is who made the motion to fire the City Attorney, City Administrator and City Clerk at the September 16th meeting. Her motion was seconded by Macary and approved in a six to two vote. Lynn Grant and Trey Coleman voted against the motion.

Council members refuse to give reasons for the abrupt firings.

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