Frontenac council approves lawsuit against Pittsburg over disputed road

Concrete approach causing tension between towns
Frontenac council approves lawsuit against Pittsburg over disputed road
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In 2018, the city of Pittsburg built the Pittsburg Highlands housing development on the border between Pittsburg and Frontenac.

In the process, they built Wild Red Road, and connected it with East Atkinson.

Darren Hall., Pittsburg City Manager:”The existing approach was gravel, and so the request was made, could the city help with finishing that out, so that it was smooth and safe and was appropriate for a new 20 housing development.”

In September, the city re-paved the approach.

But, around 55 feet of the approach is within Frontenac city limits.

Hall explains they knew it was in Frontenac city limits, but didn’t ask them before doing the work for a few different reasons.

Hall:”Having a housing development in Pittsburg that’s receiving property tax, and then going to the neighboring community and saying, ‘Oh hey, you guys wanna help us pay for this?’ seems like it would have been a little obnoxious. So we figured we’d do everyone a favor and take care of it.”

Hall explains the other reason is they’ve had Pittsburg City crews do work in Frontenac before.

Hall:”There’s times during the year where we’re in Frontenac doing work to improve their infrastructure. and no one ever says a word.”

Hall says he drafted an agreement where Pittsburg would handle the maintenance of the approach at the request of Frontenac.

But the city of Frontenac is pushing for Pittsburg to remove it all together.

And the Frontenac city council has given approval for a law suit against Pittsburg for trespassing.Hhall says he doesn’t see removing the road as a viable, or smart, option because it would cost more money for everyone in the long run.

Hall:”This obviously makes us pause and think.. maybe that’s not in the best interest of the tax payers of Pittsburg if we’re in Frontenac, and depending on what project we’re helping improve.. we may get sued.”

Residents at the Pittsburg Highlands say they like the road the way it is, and want the dispute to be over before they get caught in the middle.

Anthony Eure, Pittsburg resident:”Don’t sweat the small stuff.. and it’s all small stuff.”

According to Hall, they haven’t received formal papers for a lawsuit as of July 8-th.

We reached out to the city of Frontenac.

The mayor helped clarify some information, but declined the opportunity to comment.

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