From Your Closet Consignment Sale giving consignors 90% of their sales due to COVID-19

The profit change was a surprise for the 140 consignors selling.
Consignment Benefit

JOPLIN, Mo. – Cory Boone is a mom of five and when she started nursing school-her family’s income was slim. So she turned to selling items at the ‘From Your Closet’ Children’s Consignment Sale.

“It helped make it easier, like a less burden on my family for finances.”

Consignors typically make around $355 with 70/30 profit split. But this year the owners of From Your Closet have decided to give back to their consignors 90% of their sales.

“It’s awesome, it’s a godsend actually because we honestly with the virus I haven’t been able to obtain an actual job full time because of having kids at home on and off doing virtual learning or the possibility of schools having to close” said Boone.

“We understand that right now a lot of these families have been hit hard, we’ve been hit hard emotionally with the pandemic and others have been hit financially, and so we as a family, my husband Sergio and I decided that it would be best just to give it back and in doing so there’s no truer truth that it is more blessed to give than to receive” said Owner of From Your Closet, Jackie Rizo.

Jackie says being able to give their consignors 90% wouldn’t be possible without their partners.

“Because of partners like college heights they’ve helped, Tom and Mary Harrod have helped and so have Liberty Utilities and that cuts the cost of the rent, the marketing, everything that puts this on and so that we can give back as much as we could.”

The profit change was a surprise for the 140 consignors selling.

“We just really want to love back on the community that we’ve lived with and grown with and that’s why we’ve done this”

A surprise and a relief for families like Cory’s in a time that’s so uncertain.

“The fact that they’re giving us 90, they’re not thinking about themselves, they aren’t worried about making an insane amount of money, they’re good people, they’re really good people” said Boone.

The remaining 10% of the profit split will go towards the remaining costs of rent for the Butchers Block Event Center and square fees.
Zero percent goes to the owners of the consignment sale.

The consignment sale will be held on Friday, the 11th from 7AM-6PM and Saturday 7AM-3PM.