Friends of Camp Mintahama still working to reclaim beloved campground

They have received their 501 c3 status to start fundraising efforts

A group of passionate people are still working to reclaim Camp Mintahama in Joplin.

“We were really, really, really sad, me and my sister and even my little brother which he used to go a little bit too” said 11 year-old Girl Scout, Molly Williams.

Camp Mintahama is still in the minds of young girl scouts, reminiscing on the memories they’ve had there.

“I’ve been there probably since I was in kindergarten or preschool and it means a lot to me” said 9 year-old Girl Scout, Sophia Carrier.

The beloved campground was sold by the Girl Scouts Council in 2019.

But the Friends of Camp Mintahama group are still in action, working to buy back the property from its current owner.

“Right now we’re in the process of negotiating with that individual, of the ins and outs of that purchase, to raise funds to purchase the camp, it is a substantial amount that we’re going to have to raise so we’re trying to initially get that starter fund together to make a down payment” said Board Member, Brett Meeker.

They officially received their 501 c3 tax exempt public charity status, allowing them to move forward with their fundraising efforts.

“We were kind of waiting on that before we say we’re open for fundraising because I know a lot of people want to be able to donate to a 501 c3 charitable organization” added Meeker.

Their sights are set and reclaiming the historic camp may soon be in reach. The first $300,000 raised will secure the camp property to be able to open the following summer.

“We want to have this going and available and ready for kids to come out as soon as possible” said Meeker.

Once it is reclaimed, they plan to open it up to more than just Girl and Boy Scouts.

“The fact that we could get it back is really, really, really exciting” added Williams.

If you would like to donate to the fundraising efforts, you can find the link to do so here.