Friends, Family, and Faculty Remember Jack Overman

Friends, Family, and Faculty Remember Jack Overman

“He loved his family. We all knew that to our core. He loved Pittsburg, Kansas. Even 47 years later, people ask me ‘Where am I from?’ I am from here,” said Steve Overman, as he eulogized his father.

On Monday morning, Pittsburg’s First United Methodist Church was filled with the family of Jack Overman, as well as many members of the PSU and greater Pittsburg community.

“I’ll be honest. There are times I feel a little jealous, that you all got to spend more time with my grandpa, but I couldn’t imagine a better community to have embraced him. Each and every time we come back, you all make us feel like family,” said Jack Overman II, Jack’s grandson.

Overman’s son and grandson both gave touching eulogies to the former PSU student, cheerleader, and later in life, Pitt State faculty member who dedicated the majority of his 100 years on earth to both Pittsburg State University and the city it calls home.

And many laughs were shared as friends recalled the good times with jack.

“I know personally, I’ll miss the, “Hi, how are ya’?” every time you saw Jack. Even if he didn’t remember you right away, he would soon,” said Becky May who worked with Jack Overman.

“When we talk about what Pitt cheer means, I always reference back to Jack Overman. He is the cheerleader for Pittsburg State,” said PSU’s cheer coach, Linda Graham.