Friend of Karol Sullens speaks on the 29th anniversary of her disappearance

A $10,000 reward is now being offered for information that leads to her remains
Karol Sullens Poster

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ks. – On August 31st 1991, 18 year old Karol Sullens disappeared from where she worked, at a nightclub in Galena Kansas.

“She was taking a break, she was outside reportedly with a man or a couple of men near a truck in the parking lot and that was the last time she was seen alive” said Cherokee County Kansas Sheriff, David Groves.

In 2002 Donald D Kidwell was charged in connection to her disappearance.

“In the early 2000’s charges were actually filed in the second degree, involuntary murder charges were filed against the suspect and he ended up taking a plea deal in connection with his role in her disappearance and death and another person was charged and that person subsequently died since that time” added Sheriff Groves.

But 29 years later, and Karol’s body has still not been found.

“Just the heart…the heartbreak that I see, I’m telling you now, what I’ve watched for 29 years with her mother and it just breaks my heart every time I see sandy you know and I just can’t imagine anybody doing that to anybody” said Karol Sullens friend, Shannon Speer Lowrey.

Lowrey describes her as a wild loving spirit.

“She was bubbly, she was just always laughing and being goofy and bubbly and yeah she was always fun to be around.”

She’s hoping that a new $10,000 reward offer from an anonymous donor announced by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office will help.

“We will never give up that we’ll find her, so no maybe 29 years isn’t too late, maybe 29 years is exactly what it’s going to take to make somebody wake up and say I know something about this, I know where this girl is and I’m going to tell somebody.”

Sheriff Groves said that if anyone has any information or direct knowledge of her remains to contact the Sheriff’s office, 620-429-3992 or 620-848-3000, go to their website, and leave a tip or text tipcherokee at 888-777. Tips are anonymous.

“The reward is specifically for information as to where her body is located we want to be able to provide you know her family has had this anguish and grief for 29 years each day, each passing month, and year, and they want a place to lay their loved one to rest and that’s what we’re trying to achieve for them.”