Friday PM Blog: A lot of rain

A lot of rain
Friday PM Blog:  A lot of rain

Good Friday afternoon! I hope your week has been great! Mine has been good, but schedule has been all over the place. I am actually sitting at Goodyear right now getting my tires rotated and figured I would bust out a blog b/c I am off today. First off, the new HP (Heady Pattern) starts officially next week. Remember, the pattern is how our weather reacts for the next year. Within that pattern, there is a recurring cycle. This past year has been a 51 day cycle. That cycle is pretty much dead as the new one has taken over and about 90% in place. I don’t know the new cycle as of yet, but I have a pretty good idea using my model that I had developed a few years back. Let’s say, I know exactly where to look but I have to see a few weeks of the new pattern to be 100% sure. So by mid October, I should have it pounded out and we can look at the winter, spring and next summer. Plus next years tropical outlook. We also have a lot of rain over the next week. Already this is picking up. The showers will just be scattered the rest of the day but they will be out there.

Take a look at the radar below.

I expect showers and thunderstorms to pick up late tonight and tomorrow morning. Especially along and north of I-44. Here is a look at Saturday morning.

Friday PM Blog:  A lot of rain

Showers and thunderstorms will continue into the early afternoon hours.

Friday PM Blog:  A lot of rain

Most likely we will see a break in the evening as storms build to our north and drive back in late Saturday night.Friday PM Blog:  A lot of rain

Showers and thunderstorms continue at least through midday on Sunday.

Friday PM Blog:  A lot of rain

Areas north of I-44 have the potential to pick up 1-3″ of rain, while south of I-44 could be up to 1″.



Long range forecast through late September:


Next Week: Most of next week will be in the 80s. Rain chances just about every day as a front just continues to hang near the area. Rain chances Tuesday through Saturday.

September 29th-October 5th: Aj warm start to the week with rain chances on Tuesday and Wednesday. This system will cool us down with mainly 60s and 70s for highs the rest of the week.

October 6th-12th: A mild start to the week with rain chances. Then a cool mid week with mild temperatures again late in the week.