Friday Night Blog: Month long forecast.

Month long forecast.
Friday Night Blog:  Month long forecast.

Good Friday night! I hope you made it through the candy rush and ready for the weekend. The weather was much better for us today as we warmed into the mid 50s for highs. We do have a cold front rolling through tonight that will cool us down just a bit. However, most of the rain will stay north of the area.

Take a look at the radar below.

So lets get to the video blog with your month long forecast.



Long range forecast through late November:


Next Week: Mild the first half of the week with a couple nice days. Rain chances back in late Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A little cooler heading into the weekend.

November 10th-16th: A cooler start to the week with rain chance son Sunday and Monday. If we can get cold enough, mixing with a little snow. Stays cool through the middle of the week.

November 17th-23rd: Temperatures up and down all week with several storm systems working through. Mild start, but a system in on Sunday and Monday with showers cooling us down by Tuesday. Rain chances and possibly some snow in by Thursday and Friday. Cooler for the weekend.

November 24th-30th: A mild first half of the week. However, turning colder for Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend. Rain chances in on Wednesday, Thanksgiving and Black Friday. However, we could go over to snow by Friday, something to watch.

December 1st-7th: Mild start but a storm system in on Sunday and Monday. Rain and snow chances and turning colder through the middle of the week. Rain and snow chances back in on Friday and Saturday.

December 8th-14th: Mainly a cool week with rain chances on Wednesday.

December 15th-21st: Mild start, but then back to chilly/cold temperatures most of the week. Rain and snow chances Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Another system in with rain or snow chances on Friday and Saturday.

December 22nd-28th: Mainly a cold week once again. Rain and snow chances on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the 26th.




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