Friday morning blog: Deeper into fall with more changes! -Doug

Deeper into fall with more changes! -Doug
Sunday Afternoon

Good Friday morning!  I hope you have had a great week and ready to wrap it up and head into the weekend.  I am happy to be home from NY and of course I am happy the weather is starting to pick up a bit.  Most of September and the beginning of October has been super weather boring, lol.  At least we are going to see a couple great days and we will dig into that first.  Then we will take a look at the Heady Pattern and what will happen down the road.  After 86 degrees on Wednesday, we start the day with patchy frost this morning.


Temperatures starting into the middle 30s.  But we will see a nice warm up back into the mid 60s for highs with plenty of sunshine.  If you are heading out to any high school football games this evening, you will want to bundle up as we will sit into the 50s through the games.  Southerly winds start to pick up tonight and help us to rebound back into the lower 70s on Saturday.  The winds though will be out of the south gusting near 40 mph.


This cold front will work in by Sunday morning.  So clouds will increase Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning

I think we should start the day near 60 but with the cold front, clouds and showers increasing, we will drop into the 40s during the afternoon hours.

Sunday Afternoon

At least we should get some scattered showers on Sunday.  We need the rain!  We have been so dry the past couple of months.  Cold temperatures stick around into Monday with a second wave and more scattered showers on Monday.


I like seeing these two set-ups on Sunday and Monday.  I wish they would develop a little farther west, but as of now I will take this set up.  The Heady Pattern is completely set and has been cycling now for about  3 weeks.  It is definitely a colder pattern for winter with big temperature swings.  I do like seeing fronts dropping through with upper level waves overriding them for the winter months as that gives us nice ice and snow set-ups.  The deeper we get into the pattern the more I figure out what we are in for during the winter and spring months.  It definitely isn’t the wettest pattern by any means, but at least we will get a few good storms each cycle.  Plus it is a shorter cycle this year which I love to see.  Last year we were just shy of 60 days.  Shorter cycles I love because if we have good storm systems, they rotate right back through at a quicker date.  We are going to have much more arctic blasts this winter instead of the 2 that we got last year.  Much more to come on the pattern.  As we get through one full cycle, I will put out my winter forecast and a look at the spring severe weather season.

It stays active next week as we warm back up by mid-week with another system rolling through late Wednesday and Thursday.  This system should drop in another cold front by late Thursday or Friday.  This will give us rain chances again and cooler temperatures.  Here is a look at next Thursday night.


Have a great Friday and take a look at my long range forecast below.



Next Friday-Saturday: Turning cooler again with rain on Friday.

October 25th-31st: Rain chances back in on Sunday and Monday with cool temperatures.  Mild temperatures for the rest of the work week and mainly dry until a storm system moves in on Friday and Saturday.  This will give us rain chances with cooler temperatures.  Hopefully any rain will be out by Halloween evening.

November 1st-7th:  A cool start to the week with mild temperatures returning by the middle of the week.  Rain chances on Wednesday and Thursday, this will bring chilly temps again for the rest of the week.

November 8th-14th:  Mild temperatures return early in the week with rain no Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will be cold and dry conditions the rest of the week.

November 15th-21st:  Mainly a cool wee with rain chances on Tuesday and Thursday.  Warming up a bit by the weekend.