Friday Blog: Thunderstorms return today! -Doug

Friday Blog: Thunderstorms return today! -Doug

Hey guys and gals.  I hope your week has been great so far and you are staying somewhat cool.  It has been so hot and humid for May or really any month.  We have set record highs the past two days.  Still mid 80s today, but we will have clouds and scattered showers and thunderstorms this morning that will keep us just a hair cooler for Friday.


I don’t expect these morning storms to be severe, but a few of them could be a little stronger.  These will die during the morning as they push to the state line of KS and MO.  We will start to clear out during the afternoon, but by late afternoon and evening, a few random pop up storms will pop up.  There is a low chance these could go into a complex and push through, but most likely as of me typing these will stay very widely scattered.


These random storms will pop up.  Now the ones that do pop up could be strong to low grade severe.


Severe Threat

So we do have a low severe threat.  The main threat will be wind and hail and a very low tornado threat.  This is something I will keep my eyes on.  Any storms that do pop up will work through and Saturday looks great.  However, another complex of storms could push through Saturday night also could be strong to severe.  Here is the long range planner for possible severe weather.  Remember, just because you don’t see a lot of moderate or high risks, this doesn’t mean as we get closer the threats can’t go up.


Long Range

Long range forecast is below.


Next Friday and Saturday:  Staying warm with thunderstorms and a severe threat returning by Saturday.

May 22nd-28th: Mainly a warm week with thunderstorm chances on Sunday and Monday with a severe threat.  Looks good through the middle of the week with thunderstorm chances returning as we head into the holiday weekend.

May 29th-June 4th:  Mild Sunday before we warm up for the rest of the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday before a severe threat returns with t-storms Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

June 5th-11th:  Warm temperatures all week long. Slight t-storm chances on Monday. Watching a severe threat with t-storms on Wednesday. T-storms on Thursday followed by a dry Friday and another severe threat with Saturday’s t-storms.

June 12th-18th:  Warm Sunday followed by a hot period Monday through Wednesday. Warm for the remainder of the week. T-storm chances with a severe threat Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A higher severe threat with t-storms on Thursday before we dry out for the weekend.