Friday Blog: Severe threat Friday and Monday. -Doug

Friday Blog: Severe threat Friday and Monday. -Doug

I hope you guys have had a great week and of course ready for the weekend.   We do have some thunderstorm threats in the coming days.  After some early morning storms on Friday, mainly north of I-44.  We warm up, near 80 with winds gusting in the 30-40 mph range.  But overall, a pretty good day.


Severe threat rolls in tonight.  This won’t even affect our area until after 9pm.

Severe Risk

However, that threat will go until late night.  I am thinking until 2-3AM on Saturday morning.  Storms will work into our NW counties after 9 pm.

Late Evening

These storms will plow SE.  The main threat is large hail and gusty winds, but we will have a low tornado threat prior to 2 AM.

Midnight Ish

The line of storms won’t get into the metro until the 1-3 AM timeframe.  There is still a good shot these will be severe, but they will be weakening.

3 Am

These storms will start to really weaken once these get south of I-44.  Most of the storms will be out by 6 AM on Saturday.  Then Saturday looks great!


We do have a severe threat returning on Monday as well.


Next Thursday through Saturday.:  Warming back up with a severe threat on Friday into Saturday morning.

May 15th-21st:  Cooler start to the week with thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday.  We warm up toward the weekend with Saturday thunderstorms, most likely severe.

May 22nd-28th: Mild start to the week before we warm up by the middle of the week. T-storm chances Tuesday and Wednesday could be severe. Dry for the rest of the week.

May 29th-June 4th:  Mainly a warm week with thunderstorms Tuesday through Thursday and then again on Saturday.