Freeman launches “Save my Spot” program for urgent care patients

Program aims to save patient's time
Freeman launches “Save my Spot” program for urgent care patients
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Telisa Wingo, like many parents, works full time. Something that can present a problem when her daughter is sick.

“She’s been feverish and had a little cough since Saturday. Got a call when I was at work, and I was like, I better get her to the doctor,” explains Wingo.

She didn’t have enough time to make a normal appointment, so she took her to urgent care.

“It is an extremely long wait for any time we’ve been,” says Wingo.

That long wait is something Freeman Health System wants to alleviate with a new program called “Save my Spot.”

“It’s an online program where patients can go ahead and, kind of like call ahead seating at a restaurant, you can get your name in line and then do your waiting at home or in your office,” says Freeman Urgent Care Director Kayla Martinez.

And officials say the program is really simple. Patients just have to get on the Freeman website, pick an urgent care location, enter their information and pick a time.

“And once you get here, there’s a tracker in the waiting room that kind of gives you an idea of how many are ahead of you,” says Martinez.

While the program’s main purpose is to save time, it also keeps patients from being around other people who may be sick for as long as they normally would be in a waiting room.

“Especially if they have the flu. You feel miserable, you don’t want to sit in the waiting room. But if you’re here for something else, you don’t really want to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of people with the flu,” says Martinez. “So it may be that those people can plan their visit a little bit more accordingly.”

And as a mother, Wingo says she would feel more comfortable waiting at home and plans to save her spot in the future.

“If she wasn’t really sick, I would kind of hesitate to bring her. So, this is really exciting,” says Wingo.

Patients can use “Save my Spot” at the Freeman Urgent Care locations in Joplin and Webb City.

If you want to learn more about the program or save your own spot, click here.


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