Freeman Hospital has more than 200 positions to fill

Freemans Scrub Tech Program

JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin’s Freeman Hospital has more open positions than it’s ever had before.

“We have around 200 open positions. I’m talking everything from nutrition services to nursing, maintenance, admissions, office work, clinic work, all of that,” said Freeman Chief Human Resource Officer Mary Frerer.

Frerer says Freeman is one of many hospitals across the country that’s trying to replenish its staff after many employees got burnt out during the pandemic.

She also says that while there are many jobs that don’t require an education in medicine, there’s also plenty of opportunity for those without that education to acquire one as well as a related job through Freeman.

“We have developed our own scrub tech program, and that is where we hire those who may not have experience but are interested in healthcare, and interested specifically in the OR. We have a very comprehensive program where we train and educate, and they’re right on site. And then they just roll right into that position,” said Frerer.

Freeman is also on the hunt for nurses, and their chief nursing officer says she’s proof that the hospital can help those willing to work hard reach that goal.

“I started here straight out of high school as a unit secretary, worked as a nurse tech and worked my way up from nurse to charge nurse, director, and then chief nursing officer. So I like to tell people all the time that Freeman is an awesome place to grow and have a career. No matter what you want to do, it’s achievable if you ware willing to work hard,” said Chief Nursing Officer Jeanee Kennedy.

Freeman officials say that while there are still plenty of open positions, the hospital had a lot of success at a recent hiring fair and also has a lot of promising nursing applicants they’re interviewing.