Freeman Health Systems host Health Academy for High Schoolers

JOPLIN, Mo. – Freeman Health System in Joplin is hosting a week-long Health Academy for students interested in Healthcare and STEM.

As part of the academy, participants got the opportunity to job shadow different professionals doing a variety of jobs throughout the hospital.

To get excepted, students needed to apply.

One student recalled her acceptance email:

“I was super excited, even whenever they sent out the test email to make sure it was working,” Kristina Bethel said. “I like snatched my phone from somebody who was playing a game just because they said it was the Freeman Health Academy. Like I was jumping in class. So and I finally got the approval when I was at the lake house and I was bragging to all my family about it”.

To show their gained knowledge, Freeman will award each participant with a certificate that acknowledges their completion of the academy.