Freeman Health System offers daily briefings on COVID-19

"The Freeman Daily" will keep the public informed about local efforts to control the coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. – In order to keep up with the evolving changes COVID-19 is bringing about, Freeman Health System is now offering daily informational briefings.

On Thursday, March 19, Freeman announced that hospital officials, staff, and medical experts would be giving updates on efforts to control the coronavirus.

“The Freeman Daily” briefing will also provide the public with safety tips and the latest news from the CDC.

In addition to changing visiting hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and allowing only one visitor per patient, per day, the hospital is also working on creating a call center for questions and implementing an off-site COVID-19 testing center.

“We think it’s helpful to share information so we’ll be doing this every week day and even on the weekends, if indicated, so the public knows what’s going on, knows what the preparations are, knows the resources they can access and hopefully that can lessen the fears around the virus,” said Paula Baker, Freeman President and Chief Exec. Officer.

We’ll bring you more information about the call center and testing facility as it becomes available. Freeman officials say that announcement should come no later than Monday.