Freeman doctor weighs in on effectiveness of sewn masks

JOPLIN, Mo. – Many health care workers fighting COVID-19 are also fighting a medical mask shortage, and several crafters are trying to help by sewing masks of their own.

While experts say the gesture is kind, its effectiveness is questionable.

Cloth masks can’t filter out germs the same way that certified N-95 masks can.

A Freeman doctor says the hospital can’t accept these homemade donations because there’s no way to regulate them or check for quality control.

“They look very pretty and people who wear them probably feel more safe with them, but depending on the material they’re using, they may be effective, they may be not effective,” said Dr. Uwe Schmidt, Infectious Disease Specialist for Freeman Hospital.

The Better Business Bureau has received numerous reports from consumers being scammed on masks.

Most report losing money that fail to ship the protective products ordered.

Reported losses were as high as $350. Reported losses were as high as $350.