Free dental work in Crawford County

Free dental work in Crawford County

Derrick Small is an aspiring actor and Crawford County resident who comes to Wesley House for assistance. And he’s planning on applying for a benefit Wesley House is calling attention to: its ability to provide free dental work for those who apply and qualify.

“I do have a problem with a few of my teeth that need to be pulled. So I figured if they can do that for me, that’d be a big help,” said Small.

Thanks to grant money and a partnership with the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, Wesley House is able to provide Crawford County residents living at or below 185% of the federal poverty level basic dental work like getting a tooth pulled or cavity filled, free of charge.

They’re doing it so mouth pain doesn’t distract their clients from improving their lives.

“Our main purpose of doing this is so folks can stay employed, and so folks can get a basic human right taken care of. Nobody should be walking around in pain,” said Marcee Binder, Wesley House’s pastor and executive director.

Wesley House says they won’t be able to do this forever though. Eventually, the grant money will run out. But they are encouraging those with dental issues who qualify to come in for an interview, and so is Derrick Small.

“I encourage everybody. Don’t ever be embarrassed to come to Wesley House. That’s what they’re here for. They’re here to help us. And knowing that in a month or two I’m going to have a wonderful smile because of this place, is even more amazing,” said Small.