Fourth Suspect Charged In October 2014 Murder Enters Guilty Plea

Fourth Suspect Charged In October 2014 Murder Enters Guilty Plea
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10/25/2017: Today in a McDonald County Courtroom, Tomi Jo Stanley took a plea deal. According to the County Attorney’s Office, Stanley entered a guilty plea for 1st Degree Robbery. The courts dismissed the charge of 2nd Degree Murder. A judge sentenced Stanley to fifteen years in prison.

10/17/2017: A trial is schedule for the final suspect in a 2014 home invasion turned murder. Tomi Jo Stanley is charged with second degree murder. She appeared in a McDonald County court today where a trial date was set for October 31st.

11/10/2016: Tomi Jo Stanley, of Joplin, has been charged with second degree murder. Authorities do not believe she was in the house at the time of the crime, but is suspected of helping the Jackson’s and Knee with the robbery.

7/19/2016: According to McDonald County Prosecutor, Bill Dobbs, Carl Lee Jackson was sentenced today. The jury recommended sentences of Life w/o the possibility of parole in the count of murder in the 1st degree; twenty-five years on the count of armed criminal action; and fifteen years on the count of burglary in the 1st degree.

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5/25/2016 (By Chloe Leshner): After a 2 day trial, the jury in a Pineville murder case reached a verdict earlier tonight. Carl Lee Jackson has been found guilty of first-degree murder, armed criminal action and burglary.

Jackson is found guilty of fatally shooting Rodney Frederick in October 2014. Authorities say Jackson and suspects Richard Knee and Robert Jackson entered Frederick’s home in Pineville in an attempt to rob him for money and marijuana. Authorities also say they bound an elderly woman and young man before fatally shooting Frederick.

That woman, Frederick’s mother, is grateful to see an end to the trial and those that helped secure the conviction.

“I think the sheriff’s department, the judge, Mr. Dobbs, and Dana, everybody has been wonderful. Thank you,” says Elsie Henman.

Carl Lee Jackson is the one accused of firing the weapon.

The other 2 suspects took plea deals, testifying against Jackson in day 1 of the trial, one saying that Carl Jackson told Frederick, who was armed, that he would count to 3 before shooting him if he did not drop his weapon.

The McDonald County prosecutor Bill Dobbs saying in his closing statement that doing so gave Jackson enough time to recognize what he was doing, making the shooting premeditated. The defense asked the jury to take into account any bias that the other suspect’s statements may have.

Family of the victim say the verdict will help end this chapter of their lives.

“I think we can actually start moving forward, and we can stop this unrelenting cycle of tragedy and devastation and waking up every day crying and worrying is this guy going to walk away is he going to be on the streets with our kids and our family and everyone else’s? This guy does not deserve to be on the streets,” says a family member.

Authorities are still looking for Tomi Jo Stanely. She’s suspected of taking the 3 men to the home and possibly setting up the robbery. The jury today recommended a sentence of life without the possibility of parole for the first degree murder charge, that was the minimum sentence.

Richard Knee and Robert Jackson will stand trial at later dates.

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3/6/2015: The McDonald County prosecuting attorney’s office and sheriff’s just wrapped up a joint press conference at the McDonald County Courthouse.

Three individuals have been charged with 1st Degree Murder of Rodney Frederick. They are Carl Jackson of Webb City, Robert Jackson of Webb City, and Richard Knee of Joplin.

Officials got a break in the case when they received a tip from an anonymous caller in California last week.

Probable Cause

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Updated October 23, 2014: The McDonald County Sheriff’s office is investigating a shooting death and home invasion on the 200 block of Donnely Lane in rural Jane, MO.

Authorities said they found a 35-year-old male shot to death shortly after 9:00 Wednesday night.

Officials said the call came in as someone had broken in, shot one person and tied up two other people.

The McDonald County Sheriff’s office is searching for three suspects, two of whom officials say were wearing masks.

Authorities said the suspects tied up one woman and a young man while one of the suspects went after the victim.

The sheriff’s office said an autopsy is planned and that the victim’s name will be released after all family is notified.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the McDonald County Sheriff’s office.


On 10-22-2014 at approximately 9:07pm the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to 222 Donnely Lane off of Laughlin Ridge Road in the Rural Jane area for a possible gunshot.

Upon our arrival we located a 35 year old white male with a gunshot wound. The victim was found deceased and the Sheriff’s Office processed the crime scene along with help from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The call came in as someone had broken in and shot one person and tied up 2 other people. The suspects were 3 subjects in which 2 were wearing masks. They tied one lady up along with a young male and one of the subjects went after the victim. The McDonald County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the investigation and asking anyone with information on the suspect to contact the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office at 417-223-4318.

The McDonald County Coroner will be setting up an autopsy and the victims name will be released after all family is notified.