Four Years Stronger: The Gift of Griffin Albritton

Michelle and Allen Albritton knew their third child was going to change their world.


Griffin Albritton‘s parents knew he’d change their lives before he was even born.

“Throughout my entire pregnancy,” Michelle Albritton says. “I just knew that Griffin was going to be our special baby.”

When he came into the world on September 16th, 2016, it all started to take shape.

“There was anxiety during that initial struggle in the operating room,” his father, Allen Albritton, tells us.

“Where he’s kind of blue and everybody’s not in that happy mood like they usually when there’s a baby being born. You could sorta tell that the energy in the room was very tense.”

Shortly after, doctors told Michelle and Allen what they never expected. Griffin had been born with Pierre Roebin Syndrome and two brain conditions, Polymicrogyra and Heterotopia, and would need a tracheotomy to help him breathe.

“I was like wow, this is real. We’re gonna be going on a medical journey,” Allen remembers. “There were feelings of frustration and anxiety and fear and sadness all wrapped up into one.

“It’s the unknown. You don’t know what’s coming next after you get to that point.”

After finally being able to bring Griffin home that December, they knew they had a tough road ahead. As they continued to do whatever they can to care for their family and for Griffin, they started seeing the community care for them.

“We really had a tough time our first year in Girard when we first moved here,” Allen recalls. “Two different churches came through with donations to help us out with things like rent and electric.”

Today, Griffin celebrates his fourth birthday. While he still requires medical care around the clock, support from family, friends, nurses, doctors, and even strangers continues to pour in — and he continues to open the eyes of everyone around him.

“He’s definitely proved all of his doctors wrong,” says Michelle. “We’re blessed he’s still even with us because his doctors didn’t think this was possible for him.”

Allen sees it in not only his family, but his community.

“I think I see it every day just in the values he’s instilled in my other kids and us and everyone around us. Even people in the community who have gone out to do something for somebody other than themselves. So if you look at all those branching effects of how a kid like Griffin works in a community and works in a home, his life absolutely has the utmost value.”

Proving that when they had that feeling he’d change a few lives — Michelle and Allen were right all along.

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