Four States residents turn to social media to help one another during coronavirus outbreak

Residents stepping up to help others during time of uncertainty

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – For Carterville mom Jessica Holly, right now having everything it takes to care for a seven month baby has been kind of challenging.

“Finding baby stuff has been our biggest personal issue. Even just buying like a couple extra just in case they don’t get restocked before we run out has been a little bit of a challenge,” says Holly.

But being resilient and helping others, like Holly, in the community is what several people are turning to social media to do.

“If everybody just sticks together, doesn’t panic, and everybody shares, everybody’s gonna be fine,” says Lamar resident Treisha Stringer.

The Facebook group “Love thy Neighbor Trading Post” was created by Treisha Stringer, a 911 dispatcher in Jasper County, because she saw a pretty big need.

“I was seeing a lot of my family members and friends just, especially mothers, not being able to find baby wipes and formula and diapers. It kind of just hit me and wanted to just create something to help the community come together,” says Stringer.

Now several resident are using the platform to give people things that can be hard to find, deliver groceries to shut ins, and let others know where they can buy everyday things like toilet paper and baby supplies.

And even though Holly has what she needs for now, she still appreciates the effort that everyone is putting in.

“It’s just been a really big relief knowing that there are still people that are trying to look out for everybody,” says Holly.

“It’s been nice to see, the little time that we’ve had we’re almost up to 140 members, just that little amount has already helped so many. So it’s been nice and I hope it continues to grow,” says Stringer.

If you want to get involved, you can find the Facebook group at the link below.