Four states residents remember President George H. W. Bush

Four states residents remember President George H. W. Bush
KOAM 2018

Residents in the four states watched President George H. W. Bush’s funeral today, and remembered the legacy of the 41st President.

One of which.. had the privilege of meeting the president on more than a few occasions.

Chatters in Pittsburg is where Maureen Huerter and her friends gathered to watch the funeral service for former President Bush.

Maureen Huerter, Pittsburg Resident:”I think it’s been wonderful. Very dignified, just the right amount of humor to keep the occasion light because obviously he liked humor.”

Former Missouri Senator Gary Nodler also watched the funeral from his home in Joplin.

Gary Nodler, Former MO Senator:”The thing about this service was all the nice things that were said about the former president rang true. It was an authentic celebration of a truly great life, and you could feel it, you could sense it.”

The funeral brought back memories of the first time Nodler met the 41st president in 1973.

Nodler:”He was in Springfield for a reception, and my job was to be the chauffeur, so I had the chance to pick him up at the airport, and drive him to the reception.”

Nodler was later appointed as the Regional Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration by President Bush — where he would serve on his administration and get to know personally the kind of man, and president, Bush was.

Nodler:”He was very courteous and respectful, and the phrase people associate with him the, his call for a kinder gently America, really, you could say that about his approach to life.”

That — along with his many great accomplishments– are all reasons why Nodler says people like Huerter shouldn’t mourn his passing, but celebrate his life.

Nodler:”It’s rare that you have an opportunity to celebrate such an expansive, historic positive life. And I think that’s appropriate because really he’s one of the really true good guys in politics.”

President Bush was the first sitting president to visit Joplin — when he came to Missouri Southern in 1992.