Four states residents get in the Christmas spirit early

JOPLIN, Mo., PITTSBURG, Kan. – Snowmen, Santa Clause and twinkling lights. Things that, traditionally, don’t start popping up until after Thanksgiving. But not this year.

“I thought we would just start Christmas a little bit early,” says Joplin resident Rachel Riediger.

Riediger drug out the decorations weeks before Thanksgiving, and had her home lit up like a Christmas tree so that she and her kids could enjoy it just a little bit longer this year.

“I think it just brings a little bit more happiness to us. And I want us to be able to enjoy that a little longer than normal since we’re here all the time,” explains Ridiger.

“People are just ready to get in the mood and the spirit. That’s what people are looking for it’s been such a crazy year,” says Micah Lowrey, owner of JoMo Pressure Wash.

Lowrey installed lights for Riediger, his 6th installation job before it was even halfway through November.

“I think the customers, they’re very happy, they’re excited to have them up,” says Lowrey.

It’s not just outside though. Inside of homes… also starting to look a lot like Christmas.

“Since we’re not able to do Thanksgiving, we will go ahead and probably put up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, and usually I’m so busy that I don’t get it done till the middle of December,” says Theresa Boening.

Theresa Boening was in Pittsburg from her Texas visiting family and made a stop at The Christmas Shoppe to get ready for her family’s Christmas season.

The shop had a soft opening at the end of September and has been filled ever since with people just like Boening trying to find some joy after a tough year.

“We’ve had some women who already have their trees up. If it makes you happy put that tree up. If you want to wait till after Thanksgiving, that’s your choice. You know, wait till after Thanksgiving,” says Tammy Wyland with the Christmas Shoppe. “Just be happy with the season. Enjoy the season.”