Four-State kids take advantage of the snow to have some fun

JOPLIN, Mo. – The weather isn’t all bad news, especially if you enjoy sledding. The Four-State area had enough snow *before* Wednesday to go sledding… but yesterday, with even more snow, there’s even more fun for the kids.

We caught up with some families at Roanoke Park in Joplin and asked some of the kids how the past few days have been going.

“I’ve been doing a little online school,” said 5th grader Adeline Sullivan. “And it’s nice to take a break and go sledding!”

It wasn’t just the kids having a good time in the snow.

“It’s fun,” said Joplin resident Jason Sullivan. “I’m a kid at heart when it comes to snow. So I’m just out there sledding alongside with them. You never really out grow a snow day.”

Even the below freezing temperatures aren’t keeping away the sledding enthusiasts.

“I think it’s really fun,” said 8th grader Chance Tindall. “I’m not really that type of person to get cold easily. I’m out here in a whole bunch of layers so it’s not really bothering me.”

Families we talked to said they were playing it safe and only staying outside for a little while, then going inside to get warm.