Fort Scott to no longer permit buying, selling and swapping on public lots

Fort Scott to no longer permit buying, selling and swapping on public lots
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One parking lot in downtown Fort Scott has been the site of many transactions in the buy, sell and trade community.

“It gets very busy, said Caitlin Shorter. “You see a lot of traffic, just over there in that portion, but other than that, it’s completely empty over there during the day.”

This week, city officials posted a Facebook message stating the swapping, trading, and selling of merchandise in city parking lots will no longer be allowed. The reason: safety. According to some city officials, the lot would get so congested at times, a fire truck would not be able to get through.

Some Fort Scott residents have called City Hall concerned about the structure and safety of the gatherings. When an accident nearly occurred earlier this week, officials made the call.

“We had some people that were concerned, almost got ran over and we had some people that were concerned about getting hit, the traffic down there is one-way, certain ways and things, so it just became and unsafe situation,” said Dave Martin, City Manager.

Some residents support the decision.

“To me it seems a little unorganized,” said Austin Parks. “You know, if something could happen there wouldn’t be anyone to take of things.”

Others say the activity around the transactions creates a communal environment.

“I think it’s a good thing a lot of people do get involved,” said Shorter. “And it gets the community involved.”

Martin said he’d like to create a plan that works for everyone.

“No one is doing anything wrong. That was not the city’s intent. We were just getting control of an an event or something that was viewed as a safety issue to the city and try to find out if there’s a group we could work with to make this more of a planned and controlled event.”