Fort Scott moves forward with $3.8 million project to improve stretch of National Avenue

Some Fort Scott residents say the city’s streets need attention.

“They really do need to be fixed, a lot of the pot holes especially,” said Georgellen Baskin.

Now, city officials are moving forward to enhance national avenue between 6th and 13th streets.

The project involves new street surfacing and paving, including sidewalks, curbs and gutters, as well as storm sewer work and a new water line.

The total project cost is approximately $3.8 million.

The city of Fort Scott will pay about $2.5 million, budgeted from water and storm water revenues, the general fund and the capital improvements sales tax budget.

“It’s budgeted for, it’s been planned for, and we’re excited to get it started in the spring,” said Jon Garrison, director of finance for Fort Scott.

The Kansas Department of Transportation will pay the other approximate $1.3 million dollars through the Federal Funds Exchange Program.

KDOT officials will monitor the work.

“To just oversee and watch the progress of the project to make sure the city does the project as they promised to do,” said KDOT official Darrin Petrowsky.

Some residents think the city should make improvements to other streets before national avenue.

“A lot the back roads are the ones that tear up the cars,” said Dashonna Johnson.

But others living along National Avenue are eager to see the change.

“It’s really important to have sidewalks,” said Harley Littleton.

Officials say they are working to be good stewards of residents’ money to ultimately create a better street for the city.

“I think a lot of people will be happy once the project’s done,” said Garrison.

The project is slated to begin April 2015. According to city officials, it may take up to a year to complete.