Fort Scott family opens their doors to help cyclists traveling across America

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – A local family in Fort Scott is doing what they can to help cyclists cross the country as a part of the Race Across America bike race.

The race began this year on June 14th for single riders and June 19 for group riders.

The Hudecek-Ashwill family opens their home each summer and provides free food, resting space, and pumpkin bread to riders.

“We got started because people needed to use a bathroom in the middle of the night and when the gas station was closed, there was no bathroom, said Martin Hudecek-Ashwill, Fort Scott Community Member. People saw that we were following the race so they started asking ‘can we use your bathroom?’ That’s how our house got started as the time station.”

The family started this tradition in 2005.

Bikers begin their journey in Oceanside, California and travel all the way to Annapolis, Maryland.

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