Fort Scott company honored for going green

The way Fort Scott, Kansas’s Peerless Products produces architectural grade windows and doors has earned it a 2019 Green Award from US Glass, Metal & Glazing magazine, and employees are taking notice.

“We are very conscious of the environment and we try to produce less waste materials, and when we do something that earns an award, that’s just fantastic,” said Peerless continuous improvement supervisor Greg Wortman.

Peerless was picked because of the way they run their plant. The facility is dedicated to recycling every bit of aluminum waste that’s a byproduct of their manufacturing process.

“Right off the press, there’s gonna be scrap. That immediately, in that mill finish, will get sent back to be recycled,” said Peerless plant manager Andrew Kimmell.

And Peerless’s aluminum also finds its way into Peerless offices, in the form of in-house made desks.

“Of course, it helps that we can extrude our own metal, so we’ll cut a dye in any shape we want, and then we’ve got some good engineering folks that have designed a desk,” said Kimmell.

The biggest effort towards the company’s dedication to going green can be seen in a switch they made, from a wet paint line to a vertical powder coat line.

“With our new line, it is an environmentally friendly line. The chemicals that we’re using have been engineered in a different way, that once they’re used, they go back through the water treatment plant, and can be sent down through the drain and back into the environment,” said Kimmell.

This is just a small list of the changes Peerless has made over the years, but they say going green is ultimately good for their bottom line, and the right thing to do.