Fort Scott CC to start women’s flag football program

FSCC receives a grant from the NFL to provide new opportunities to female student athletes

FORT SCOTT, Ks. – Fort Scott Community College is starting a women’s flag football program.

“I think it’s just an amazing opportunity to be able to get women more inclusive in football,” says head coach Aprell Williams. “Because of the closeness of the two sports, they will feel like, hey, men are playing football and so are women…. women can really do anything.”

Fort Scott is one of eleven NJCAA colleges to receive a grant from the NFL.

“To be able to be one of the leaders of the region, to be able to provide that new opportunity is something we’re very excited about,” says Vice President of Student Affairs, Tom Havron.

Right now, the program is in the early stages and focusing on recruiting talent.

The inaugural season will be held in the spring on 2023 and the Greyhounds are expected to play a full schedule.

“It’s just going to give them a lot of opportunities to be able to express themselves and be the first women’s flag football team at Fort Scott,” Williams says.