Fort Scott CC ends spring football season early

The school cites injury and attrition to the roster.

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – It’s not the ending to the spring football season that Carson Hunter was looking for in his first action as the head coach at Fort Scott Community College.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as a coach, having to go in and explain to those guys that despite the efforts they’ve made, the preparation and the sacrifices they had made, that they were not going to get to continue to go out compete and represent the college,” Hunter says, “but hard things make you tough. These kids are really, really tough.”

Fort Scott CC is ending its spring football season early. The school made the announcement in a release earlier this week. The release cites “injury and attrition” to the roster – that is too severe for the team to compete safely.

“We got to the point where we were having to have players play both ways on the offensive and defensive lines,” Hunter says, “We had to have good players ready to play positions that they didn’t come here to play. The process has never felt right, because we have really tough kids who came here to play football. They want to compete and they want to go represent the college. Unfortunately, we got into a position where we weren’t going to be able to put those kids out there in the positions that they came here to play, and in a position where we knew they could go compete at their best, with the support of having ten guys around them who could do the same.”

It’s an unfortunate ending to the spring, but not entirely a surprise for a roster that was already depleted coming into the spring.

Hunter says the program lost a lot of players in the fall when they found out they weren’t going to have a season in 2020, followed by the regular attrition of players signing and leaving for four-year schools in the winter.

Along with injuries this spring, all of that added up to the team canceling its game against Hutchinson last weekend, and ultimately ending the spring season after just three games.

“We were left with a choice this spring. We had to choose between signing the best players we could in our prep class on signing day, and signing mid-term guys as essentially a stop-gap for this spring season we were about to play,” Hunter says, “Tom Havron and I met, and we were on the same page. By no means were we going to mortgage the future of our program and these next two falls for this one spring. As a result of that, we made sure we were focused on bringing in the toughest, highest-character kids we could out of high school to make sure we’re fielding the best team we can in the fall of 2021 and fall of 2022.”

Fort Scott will have 70 newcomers on the roster this fall, in addition to about 30 guys returning from the spring.

Hunter says that collection of players is the right group to help the program rebound, and get them headed in the direction that they want to go.

“We’ve done as thorough job as we can making sure we’re only bringing in the toughest, highest character kids to represent this college,” Hunter says of the newcomers and returners for next fall, “Of course, they also have to be above the line in terms of their abilities. We’ve made tremendous strides up and down highway 69, making sure we’re recruiting kids from eastern and southeastern Kansas. Not just any guys, but guys who fit who we are as a town, who we are as a college and the things we stand for as a program.”

Fort Scott CC was 0-3 in the three games they played this spring, including an 84-0 loss to Independence.