Fort Scott airs out pungent problem; announces November sludge cleanup

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – For those that live or drive through Fort Scott, Kansas, you may be aware of a sewer-like odor filling the air.

KOAM’s Keri Worthen today spoke with the City to discuss what is being done to fix the pungent problem.

Assistant City Manager Brad Matkins says the colder the temperature, the more you can smell the lagoon from the wastewater plant. They say they have been actively treating the smell to mitigate the issue.

“We are chemically treating it by putting a chemical in there twice a week, heavy doses plus we are putting a drip of this chemical, that has eliminated some of the smell,” Matkins said.

Officials with the wastewater plant say the cleanup process for the sludgy lagoons won’t cost the citizens anything and the process to mitigate the foul smell will ramp up in November.

“What’s causing this problem is low maintenance and the lack of rain. We need a better plan on how to maintain our lagoons and that is what we are doing with this first step,” Matkins further stated.

The total cost for the dredging and clean-up amounts to around one million dollars.

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