Former Pittsburg QB Curtis on switching sports, committing to TCU football

Curtis has played baseball the last two years at Neosho County Community College.

After two years of playing baseball at Neosho County Community College, former Pittsburg standout Chase Curtis is headed back to the gridiron, committing to play football at TCU.

“Ever since fall ball of my freshman year at Neosho, I’ve been kind of thinking about playing football and wanting to go back and play football,” Curtis says.  

“Talking to him, even when he came back for the Shrine Bowl, I think football was still weighing on his mind a little bit,” says Tom Nickelson, Pittsburg High School football head coach, “He was struggling with that some.” 

Curtis was an All-State player at Pittsburg High, throwing for more than 1,300 yards and 17 touchdowns his senior year.

Though he was successful, he says out of high school he didn’t feel physically ready for college football.

“Any weight he put on throughout the school year he would lose in the summer,” Nickelson says of Curtis, “He was doing football, weights and conditioning, he was doing basketball, he was doing double-header baseball games every night. He was just run ragged.”

Now he’s grown a couple inches and put on around 30 pounds.

“I just feel so much more confident now,” Curtis adds. 

“He’s always been tall, but now he’s started filling out,” Nickelson adds, “He’s got good solid weight, A lot of muscle. He’s faster. I think that’s just going to help him mentally even more.”

While it will be an adjustment for Curtis, he’s excited for the opportunity to put the helmet back on and get to work.

It’s just a completely different game, especially from the quarterback position,” Curtis finishes, “It’s going to be weird, I haven’t put on a pair of shoulder pads in a really long time. That’s going to be weird getting used to. It means a lot. I’m very blessed, very lucky to get this opportunity. It just means a lot to me and I’m just looking forward to going out there and hoping to make people back here proud.”