Former Pitt State CB Bausby gets interception in AAF debut

Bausby plays for the San Antonio Commanders (AAF)
Former Pitt State CB Bausby gets interception in AAF debut

Former Pittsburg State cornerback De’Vante Bausby made his AAF debut on Saturday for the San Antonio Commanders.

Bausby finished the game with three tackles and an interception

The former Gorilla has been with the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears in the NFL, and also won a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles last season.

We caught up with Bausby to talk about his AAF debut, making it back to the NFL and what he has learned in his four years as a professional football player.

You were waived by Philadelphia in December, and picked up by San Antonio in January. Talk about the process of going from the Eagles to the Commanders.

“Just went back to the drawing board. Seeing if anything would shake out with other NFL teams. It’s kind of slow motion around that time of the year. One of the San Antonio scout guys got in contact with my agent about an opportunity here. I did my research and found out it was an awesome opportunity and got on board. I’m loving it.”

You made your debut on Saturday with the Commanders and got an interception. How did it feel to come out and make an impact in your AAF debut?

“It was awesome. Football in Texas is pretty awesome. It was an awesome gameday experience. Kind of reminded me of down there in The Jungle. A lot of people showed up for it to be our first year of doing this. It was awesome and I went out there and wanted to just show those guys what I’m about. And I want to continue to do that throughout the season.”

The rules in the AAF are a little different than the NFL. Do you find yourself thinking more on the field, or as a cornerback do you just do what you do?

“The rules aren’t too different for us. The only things that are different are the kickoff rules, the extra point and the onside kick. But other than that it’s the same old football. I’m just out there playing my game, reading and reacting.”

How much do you feel like you’ve learned in four years as a pro?

“Definitely learned a lot. Especially at the NFL level. Learned a ton of information from former teammates as well. So I try to bring that with me down here in San Antonio. But we have an awesome core of guys that I’m with that have been in the NFL as well. From coaching staff to former players. Coaches that have been in the top level. So they’re with us as well. We just all put our information together and try to succeed week in and week out.”

Do you want another shot at the NFL?

“Of course. What kind of question is that?”

What are your goals for your time in San Antonio?

“Just go in week in and week out and produce. And just be the best teammate I can be.”

What’s your favorite memory as a pro?

“Winning the Super Bowl last year with Philadelphia. That had to be one of my greatest accomplishments. Happy to be a part of that team and part of that organization.”

What player have you learned the most from in your pro career?

“It wouldn’t be fair to say one guy individually. Just that whole Philadelphia Eagles defensive backs room. Corners and safeties from Malcolm Jenkins, Rodney McLeod and guys that are even younger than me that got a little bit more experience like Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills. So everybody collectively I just learned bits and pieces from them. And the culture was great there as well. Just learn all that and try to bring that with me to my next teams.”

Your former Pitt State teammate John Brown was at your game Saturday. What did it mean to you to have him there, and how much do you keep in contact with him?

“Me and John, we’re like best friends. I told him about the opportunity I got down here, and he said he didn’t care what he had going on, he would cancel his plans and try to make it down here for the first one. And we were kind of skeptical about the turnout as far as the gameday experience. But like I said it was awesome. He enjoyed it. That was his first time seeing my play in person at the pro level. So it was awesome. He’s going to try to make it down for another game.”

What’s the best part about playing in San Antonio?

“The city of San Antonio is a cool and laid back city. I’m loving the city. It’s not too much and not too little. It’s right in the middle. I love it. Just being around this group of guys and seeing their drive to get back into the league it’s definitely rubbing off on me. You don’t need that motivation, but you always try to find new motivation to get you going every day. These guys they’re busting their tail to get back to the top, which is the NFL. So just being around them definitely gets you going every day.”

How hungry are you to get another shot at the NFL?

I’m definitely hungry for it. Like you said I got a taste of it. I know what it’s like. Everything happens for a reason. So I’m glad I’m here to get some development going on while everybody else is in the offseason. Then come April or May whenever our season is over with, I’m definitely ready to get back in the league and finish what I started.”

How happy are you to still have a chance to be doing what you love?

“It’s awesome man. I don’t brag about anything, but one thing that I did start to tell people around me is that I got my pension from being in the NFL for those four years. So I was kind of excited about that. And the more you’re in the league, the more you get. So I’m definitely excited about that. And I want to play until I can’t no more. So I’m going to put it all on the line, make sure I take care of my body and try to get more years in.”

Are you still in contact with coach Beck at Pitt State or any other coaches?

“Most definitely. Coach Tim Beck. I call him Tim. And I call coach Wiemers Dave. They’re probably going to be upset about that in a joking way. But definitely coach Wiemers, coach Beck, Nate Dreiling, Keeston (Terry) and all those guys. Definitely keep in contact with them.”