Former Parsons football assistant Wade gets first head coaching shot in Coffeyville

Deonta Wade is the next head coach of the Field Kindley High School football program.

Former Parsons High School defensive coordinator Deonta Wade has been named the next head football coach for Field Kindley High School in Coffeyville, Kansas.

His hiring became official at the school district’s most recent board meeting on May 11th.

“At first it was nerves,” Wade says, “When I interviewed I came home and I told my wife I didn’t think it went that well. When I got the call and they offered me the job it went from nervous to excitement. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of excitement. I’m getting to live my dream out.”

Wade has spent the last two seasons as the defensive coordinator at Parsons. He coached under head coach Kurt Friess, who recently resigned as head coach of the program.

In 2018 they helped lead the Vikings to their first playoff win in 42 years.

“He works hard,” Wade says of what he learned from coaching with Friess the last two years, “He’s the elementary school principal. So he was always getting pulled in all directions. But he always gave 110%. Being tired was not an excuse. If I get tired I’m going to think back and remember he was the elementary school principal from 7:30 AM to 3:15 PM, and then the head football coach from 3:15 PM to midnight, and he still gave 110%. That’s what I learned from him.”

Wade grew up in southwest Missouri, playing for Lebanon High School. He played four years in college at Avila.

“When you grow up in southwest Missouri, you know about programs like Webb City and Carthage. That’s where everybody is trying to get to,” Wade adds, “You can’t copy what they do, but I think people try to take different aspects of their programs to help them be successful.”

Wade will not only be the high school coach in Coffeyville. He is the 7th-12th grade head coach, meaning he’s also in charge of the junior high program.

While it is extra work, he sees it as an advantage to have kids in the same system from junior high through high school.

“That’s one reason why Webb City is Webb City,” Wade says, “You start in their youth program, and you run the same offense all the way through. I think it’s an advantage. Our kids will know us. They’ll see us from 7th grade up. They’ll know what to expect. We’ll have to build on that and take advantage of that opportunity.”

This will be Wade’s first head coaching opportunity, but he has an idea of what his program is going to be about.

“We want to be hard workers,” Wade finishes, “Football is life. All sports are life. Nothing comes easy in this game. It’s not going to be easy to get back to where we want Field Kindley to be. That’s competing for a state title, not winning just four or five games. Our staff is going to work hard. The young men are going to work hard. I’m the type of person who won’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t do. They’re going to see me work hard. I’m excited to get started.”