Former Neosho football player battling cancer

Former Neosho football player battling cancer

26 year old Shiloh Sonis doesn’t like the doctor. When he finally went in early August, he was shocked to hear he was sick.

Shiloh’s known for his strength. His picture hangs in the Neosho High School football hall of fame and he wrestled on the school team. But now, he is fighting a new battle.

“You take having strength for granted. I mean I’m just a weak bird now. What it does is it just brings you back to earth and you realize you can’t just keep thinking you’re all high and mighty or you’re invincible because this can happen to anybody,” says Sonis.

He has AML, a type of leukemia, and he and his family have been in shock since the diagnosis.

“It wasn’t until I started chemo that I was like wow; this is real,” continues Sonis.

“My mom takes it really hard of course, I mean she’s the mom, my brother Josh, he takes it pretty hard because he’s scared for the worst. But yeah it’s pretty tough,” says Shiloh’s younger brother Christian Lopez.

Shiloh says there are more dark days than not and support from family and friends helps.

“I considered myself strong, mentally strong but there’s just no way without support from your family,” he says.

“I try to help him stay positive so he can keep his mind up,” adds Lopez.

Playing video games with his brother is the break Shiloh needs before going back to Kansas University Medical Center.

The next step in his treatment plan is a bone marrow treatment and doctors will begin looking for matches in the next few weeks. In the meantime, Shiloh and his mom stay in a Hope Lodge near the hospital.

“You never know what will happen in your life, I never in a million years thought I would have cancer. It teaches you to be more humble and the people around you, to really just not take them for granted,” says Sonis.

Shiloh’s family is struggling to keep up with travel expenses. To help, donate at