Former Lamar coach Scott Bailey named head coach at Jefferson City High School

Bailey won seven state championships in 14 seasons at Lamar.
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Former Lamar Tigers head football coach Scott Bailey has been named the head football coach at Jefferson City High School.

“I was looking for something that would be a good fit for my wife and I community-wise,” Bailey says, “The process tests your patience and your faith. But the job came open last week. I interviewed for quite a while on Monday. They offered my the job today and I accepted. There were other opportunities, but I wanted to find the best fit and do it for the right reasons. I didn’t want to take a job just to be a head coach.”

Bailey resigned from his position at Lamar back in December.

He was 151-41 in 14 seasons at Lamar High School, winning seven consecutive state championships from 2011 to 2017.

“It’s going to feel different,” Bailey says of coaching somewhere other than Lamar, “Lamar is my hometown and it was comfortable being born and raised and coaching here. The stadium, the jerseys and everything will be different, but coaching the kids will be the same.”

He leaves a tradition-rich program in Lamar for another tradition-rich program in Missouri’s capital city.

“If you talk about high school football in Missouri, it’s not too long before you talk about Jeff City,” Bailey says of his new school, “If you talk about the history of football in the state, you have to talk about Jeff City High School. It’s an opportunity for me to work with kids again in a larger school with a tradition-rich program and try to find a way to help them rebuild.”

After building one of the best programs in the state at Class 2 Lamar, Bailey is ready to face the challenge of doing the same thing at a Class 6 school in Jefferson City.

“I’ve always wondered in the back of my mind if we could create the same success we had at Lamar at a larger school,” Bailey says, “I’ve wondered if we would be able to build that family, that brotherhood that we built in Lamar in a larger town. Now I get that opportunity to find out.”