Former Joplin resident publishes fictional account of the Joplin tornado: “20th and Rangeline”


20th and Rangeline is available early to honor the anniversary of the 2011 tornado. All proceeds will be donated to Restore Joplin.

St. Louis, MO – Author Thomas Meisinger announces the release of 20th and Rangeline (978-1-312-08877-1, eBook, 224 pages, $4.99, Category: Historical Fiction, Amazon, distributor) now available exclusively as an eBook on Amazon.

The third book of Comedian & Blogger Thomas Meisinger, 20th and Rangeline is the story of Joplin, Missouri after the devastating 2011 tornado, told by the 4-state area’s fictional hero, Noah Crockett, high school senior and football standout.

“Before May 22nd, Joplin was known for three things: Route 66, mineshafts, and me.”

Noah Crockett is a nationally renowned football player entering his senior year at Joplin High School in Southwest Missouri. Known for 100-yard passes captured via YouTube, he has received offers to play for nearly every college football program in the country. When he’s not in the huddle, he’s at the movies with his girlfriend Hannah, fishing with his dad, or cutting up with the guys on the team. Senior year of high school is supposed to be the best time of an American teenage boy’s life.

When we’re young, we say we have it all figured out. On May 21st, 2011, Noah Crockett thought so. On May 22nd, he was proved wrong when an EF5 twister tears through the heart of Joplin. It becomes the costliest tornado in US history and the deadliest in decades taking 158 lives and causing $2.8 billion in damages. Noah loses his car, house, and most importantly, his hometown.

20th and Rangeline is the tale of Joplin after the storm. It’s Noah Crockett’s off the field comeback story. It’s about a town that was thankful when life was good and faithful when it was not.

Thomas Meisinger is a humorist, author and former Joplin resident. From 2009 to 2011 he was a rising star among the Midwest comedy scene. Since then he has published the humorous novel, The World Is Shallow; That’s Why I Never Learned How to Swim, and Dear Grandma Margie, a hilarious collection of letters between Meisinger and his grandmother. His third book, 20th and Rangeline is Meisinger’s first attempt at non-humor. All royalties earned will be donated to Restore Joplin.

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