Former Jailer sentenced for Grand Larceny crimes

Former Jailer Sentenced For Grand Larceny Crimes
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OTTAWA, Okla. – A former Ottawa County Jailer was found guilty of Grand Larceny after stealing money from an inmate’s account.

Last year, prosecutors filed Grand Larceny and Computer Fraud charges against Clifford Demond, 25.

According to court documents, in September 2021, Clifford used two other county sheriff employees to log in and reopen a released inmate’s account. Clifford then allegedly used the ‘release pay debit card’ to make purchases at a shoe store and Walmart. Police say Clifford spent an excess of $2,400.

As part of a plea deal, a judge dropped the Computer Fraud Charge. However, Clifford must spend 10 days in jail and pay restitution after pleading guilty to Grand Larceny.

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