Former ICC coach Jason Brown facing eight felony charges

Charges include identity theft and blackmail
Former ICC coach Jason Brown facing eight felony charges
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10 criminal charges were filed on Friday, June 28th against former Independence Community College head football coach Jason Brown, who resigned in February after a controversial exchange with a german student.

The charges stem from an investigation into emails sent to Montgomery County newspapers.

The Montgomery County Chronicle says they started receiving emails in October 2018.

Those emails were “cease and disist” emails.

The Chronical alleges they were from someone claiming to be from the Cochran Law Firm in California, representing Brown.

The chronicle received more emails in February after news broke of Brown texting a german student and player that Brown was “his new Hitler”.

Brown resigned later in February.

According to the Chronicle, similar emails were sent to the Independence Daily Reporter, and an assistant coach at the college.

The Chronicle turned the emails over to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office , who started an investigation.

The sheriff’s office alleges Brown stole the identity of a real attorney — and that the emails originated from his devices.

Brown is now facing four counts of identity theft, and four counts of blackmail.

Both of which are felonies.

He also faces two counts of criminal false communication.

According to Montgomery County, Brown does not have an attorney on file.

A hearing date has not been set.

Independence Community Ccollege sent KOAM a statement, which reads:

“The college is aware of the allegations that are filed against former head football coach Jason Brown, who resigned in February of this year. College officials are cooperating fully with investigations that may stem from these allegations.”

Andy Taylor, Editor for the Montgomery County Chronicle, sent KOAM a statement as well, which reads:

“Whenever citizens suspect a crime is being undertaken against them, they have the right and responsibility to alert law enforcement to the situation. That is exactly what the Montgomery County Chronicle did. After a series of threatening emails from a person claiming to an attorney representing Jason Brown were sent to the Chronicle, we turned over the communications to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department for further investigation. Now that the investigation has concluded and charges have been filed, we believe dishonest practices will be exposed, and the truth and integrity will prevail.”

The charges were filed just a day after the ICC board accepted college president Dan Barwick’s resignation.

Brown is the most well known because of his prominence in the Netflix series, “Last Chance U.”

The ICC Pirates were featured in season 3 of the series.

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