Former firefighter offers free rides to area first responders

To contact Kugler for a ride, you can reach him at 417-438-2944

JOPLIN, Mo.–Winter weather is back in the four states, and road conditions aren’t great.

While it’s recommended to stay home and stay off the roads, some people like first responders don’t have that option.

So Kyle Kugler, with Rocking 2K Cattle and Transport decided to step in.

“I just provided a free service for anyone who absolutely has to be out on the roads and has to actually get to work and doesn’t have a choice to get there and doesn’t have the means and capability to do it,” he said.

Any first responders in need of a ride, such as firefighters, police officers, hospital staff, are welcome to give Kugler a call.

“I’ve had some people call about getting picked up from the hospital for their evening shifts and making sure they can get home if they feel like they can’t get home at all, And I’ve had some people just call and just check-in and say, thank you so much for what you’re doing and everything. and it’s been a real blessing to try and be able to help out.”

Kugler says the main purpose of providing a service like this isn’t about gaining attention, but rather to ensure the safety of those working to keep us safe.

“Just to help, just to help, no, no real purpose other than just wanting to help and just be there for people who need to have the help.”

Originally from the Appalachian mountains, Kugler is no stranger to driving in the snow and says the snow we’ve received in the past few days doesn’t phase him or his truck, he wants to make sure he can give that comfort to others needing to be on the road.

“You know, this is it’s what I do. it’s kind of basically what I do for a living. I transport animals, you know, all over the united states, that’s what I do is drive. So I can, you know, driving in adverse conditions is something I deal with on a daily.”

Mainly, he says he just wants to give back to those who give so much already.

“Make sure that you know, if you don’t have to go out on the roads, don’t go on the roads. If you have to get to work and you don’t feel comfortable, call me. Call somebody who actually can get you to work. You know, I’ll take you to work and take you to where you need to go and get you there and make sure you get home safe. ”

To contact Kugler for a ride, you can reach him at 417-438-2944