Former CJ standout Katie Scott shining in first season at GCU

Scott is averaging 20 points and 6 rebounds per game in her first three games.

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – Katie Scott is already making a name herself at Division I Grand Canyon University.

“She’s a kid that can go down in the history books here. I truly believe that,” says GCU women’s basketball head coach Molly Miller, “That’s exciting for her just three games in to know that she has that capability at the Division I level.”

“The style of play here is just so contagious,” Scott says, “Even on the bench I’m having the time of my life.”

The former Carl Junction standout leads GCU in scoring.

Scott is averaging 20 points and 6 rebounds through the team’s first three games, including 29 points in her last game on Saturday.

“We’ve given her the green light from the get-go,” Miller says of Scott, “I think for her that’s kind of a comfort factor.”

“I have been given the green light. A lot of freshmen don’t always get that,” Scott says, “It’s kind of been a confidence boost and an incentive to work harder, because I want to prove I can do everything she says I can.”

“She’s really done a good job of embracing that role of we need you to score, probably not like a typical freshman,” Miller adds, “Just pick up where you left off at Carl Junction–and she’s done that really well.”

Scott has already opened eyes across the league.

“She’s no longer our hidden secret,” Miller says, “Whoever gets the Katie Scott assignment might be a little nervous on scout day when they see everything she can do. You really have to guard her in all areas of the court.”

While success has come quickly for the freshman, Scott knows she’s far from her ceiling – and there’s plenty of work to do over the next four years.

“With the tough games coming up, I just want to continue to prove myself, and…prove that I have that versality,” Scott adds, “I don’t want to be a one-trick pony. I don’t want to be easy to guard.”

“Just the expansiveness of her game is going to be really dangerous for the next four years,” Miller finishes, “She’s going to get even better. She’s already at a high level right now, but you’re going to get better as you start to play and get used to this style and the college game.”

Scott and GCU will be back on the floor on Wednesday night, hosting Northern Arizona.