Food Trucks Bring Business to Carthage

Food Trucks Bring Business to Carthage

They’re setting up shop in most major cities. Food trucks. Now, the new type of business is rolling into Carthage thanks to a local chef.

Leading the fleet of food trucks lining Garrison Street, The Lunch Box Truck, a restaurant on wheels that parks in town every day.

“We serve sandwiches and salads, they’re all made to order on the truck. Everything is made on the truck,” says owner Caleb Stiles.

Stiles pushed to get the first Food Truck Friday started, inviting 6 other area mobile vendors to set up shop. It’s a way to bring people together and awareness to small, local businesses. And despite the ability to pack up and leave at the end of the night, the owners are invested in business here.

“They’re the most popular thing in food right now from the east to the west coast and we’re stuck here in the middle, usually the last to get a lot of these things so I just wanted to make sure it was happening for us. We’re legitimate business owners that want to be here for the long haul,” says Stiles.

And hundreds came out to Central Park to sample what the 7 food trucks have to offer. Both food truck and some local restaurant owners say the more people that come to these types of events, the better for business in Carthage.

“It brings more business and it brings more people and people are our life blood. The idea for restaurants and other businesses is customer service. What they’re doing with food trucks is just providing a different kind of menu a different kind of customer service,” says owner of nearby coffee shop Mother Road Coffee Ed Hardesty.

While the trucks could help to improve the city’s business environment, those waiting in line say for them it’s really about the good food.

“Food really goes a long way with people, it makes them feel comfortable,” says Stiles.

He adds that they are hoping to hold the event once a month. The city of Carthage provided the electric and insurance for tonight’s event.