Food Basket Brigade community collection day gathers volunteers

Community collection day brings volunteers out
Food Basket Brigade community collection day gathers volunteers
KOAM 2018

Volunteers help gather donations that will impact hundreds of families during the holidays. The Newton County Food Basket Brigade held their community wide pick up today.

Local organizations that have been collecting food donations brought them to the Newton County Fairgrounds.

From there, volunteers help sort and get donations ready to be given to almost *900* families next weekend.

It’s a big day that couldn’t happen without volunteers.

Terry Cook, Newton County Food Basket Brigade:”This is a major team effort.. this isn’t a one man show.. we have tremendous volunteer help down here, and the people in this county, when they come together to help their neighbor, it’s amazing. So, we’re really happy with that.. It takes a big team effort to get this to happen.”

For many volunteers — like Kate Rhoades — helping with the collection is a way to give back to their community.

Rhodes:”Started when my son was in middle school and we came down one morning, and have continued since then.. just because there’s so many people that i have and people need opportunities and they need a leg up, and no one should be hungry during the holidays, or any time for that matter.”

Food baskets will be distributed next Saturday, December 15th, at the Newton County Fairgrounds.