Focus on these germ hot spots when cleaning your home

Cleaning the bathroom

A good way to protect the people inside your home during the pandemic is by thoroughly disinfecting the place.

Fortunately, a study by the University of Colorado at Boulder shows us where we can find some major germ hot spots in our homes.

That 2015 study collected dust samples from 1,200 American homes and helped researchers identify more than 9000 types of microbes, bacteria, and fungi.

Here are the hot spots you’ll want to wipe down when it’s time to make your home germ-free:

Be sure your computer keyboard gets wiped down, especially if multiple people use it.

The kitchen sponge is another hot spot for bacteria, and switching them out each week is recommended.

Your cell phone is another place you’ll find plenty of germs and bacteria.

You frequently wash your hands at the bathroom sink, so make sure it’s not a cesspool for germs. Same thing goes for the kitchen sink. Make sure you keep it clean so it can keep things clean.

Kitchen towels can often stay hanging in a kitchen for a while and can be another bacteria hot spot.

Even your coffee pot and your cutting board can be a home to germs, as well as areas where your pet likes to hang out and play.